Money & Homes

Helping members save for the future and have the home they want

Why is it important?

Whether it's buying a home, saving for life's big moments, or just finding information on our Knowledge Base, we want to help our members do more with their money. Now we're putting a plan in place to give focus on the future.

What we're already doing

Helping more people into homes

In 2016, we helped 53,700 more people have the home they want and 57,700 more people save and plan for tomorrow. We also increased our mortgage market share for the sixth consecutive year and lent more than £4bn, an increase of 28% compared to a year earlier.

Supporting first time buyers

During 2016 we helped 12,500 people to buy their first home through a range of products designed to meet the needs of those taking their first step onto the property ladder.

Lending sensibly

We’ve made a number of changes to our lending criteria, including removing maximum tenancy periods for buy-to-let mortgages,* giving landlords the opportunity to pass on longer-term tenancy agreements to their tenants, alongside increasing the maximum age for residential mortgage applications from 75 to 80.**

Offering online guidance

To help people save and have the home they want, we created Knowledge Base. It’s an online resource full of articles on everything from how to get the right buildings insurance cover to saving for a special day. Since its launch over 69,000 people have visited the site and it continues to evolve as we learn more about our members.

Our 2017 - 2020 targets

  • Help over 225,000 people to save for their future.
  • Help over 175,000 people to have the home they want.
  • Help 30,000 first time buyers into a home of their own.

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