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Invisible spending - here's what you could have had!

by Leeds Building Society in For Savers

Are you guilty of ‘so-called’ invisible spending? It’s those non-budgeted purchases, from your morning coffee or afternoon chocolate fix to unexpected evening drinks. Do you know what you could be able to afford if you kept a closer eye on these invisble costs?

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Property Guide

Thinking of buying a home for yourself or as an investment?

Use our property guide to see the latest property information provided by Zoopla.

Common misconceptions: ISAs

by Leeds Building Society in For Savers

Many people think that ISAs are really complicated or you have to have a large amount of money to open one or there’s no point having one at all! But an ISA is simply a tax-free account for your savings. There are many common misconceptions surrounding the topic of Individual Savings Accounts and we want to set the record straight.

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Why ISAs are still relevant

by Leeds Building Society in For Savers

Some people have said that the Personal Savings Allowance will mark the end of the Individual Savings Account (ISA), but, in fact, there are still a great many reasons why opening an ISA remains an excellent choice for savvy savers.

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