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The Prepaid Funeral Plan from Dignity

Leeds Building Society funeral plans are provided by our selected partner Dignity, one of the UK's leading providers of prepaid funeral plans.

What is a prepaid funeral plan?

A prepaid funeral plan allows you to take care of the financial cost of a funeral so your loved ones won’t have to.

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The benefits of a prepaid funeral plan

As well as making a difficult time a bit easier for your loved ones, a prepaid funeral plan will help to reduce the financial burden on your family. This is because the cost of the funeral director's services and cremation fees included are fixed at today's prices. With funeral costs continuing to rise faster than inflation, this could save you and your loved ones money in the future.

funeral price increase graph

By choosing Dignity, you’ll be choosing one of the UK’s leading providers of prepaid funeral plans. They have over 1,200 owned and approved funeral directors across the country, and 97% of Dignity customers said they would recommend the service to family or friends.****

****Dignity plc Annual Report and Accounts 2016

How does a prepaid funeral plan work?

There are three simple steps to arranging a funeral plan.

1. Choose the right plan for you. Dignity offers three funeral plans, which are outlined in the table below.

2. When you've chosen a plan, book an appointment.

3. To book an appointment, type in your postcode, then give your nearest branch a call, or you can pop in. They'll sort out an appointment for you and help you through the application process.


Dignity offers three funeral plans. Each one can be paid for either in one lump sum, or in 12 equal monthly instalments. 

Detailed summary of Dignity's payment plans »

Payment planSingle payment12 monthly instalments
The Amber £3,395 £282.91 per month
The Pearl £3,749 £323.75 per month
The Diamond £3,999 £333.25 per month

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