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The faces on your banknotes

by Leeds Building Society in For Savers

Ever looked closely at the notes in your wallet or purse? We’re sure you notice the number, but what about the faces staring back at you?

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What does community mean to you?

by Leeds Building Society in For Members

At Leeds Building Society, we’ve always believed in the power of communities. Whether it’s our founders coming together back in the day to help each other have a place to call home; a local branch celebrating 50 years on their local high street; or completing your local parkrun on a cold, blustery Saturday morning.

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Self-managed landlords: how to choose tenants you can trust

by Leeds Building Society in For Landlords

With the new Tenant Fees Act coming into force recently – and more legislation to unpick and understand – it’s as good a time as any to talk about choosing tenants for your rented property.

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