Online Only Accounts

Accounts for those who prefer to manage their money online. Check your balance, view your statements and make transfers online to your Nominated Accounts.

  • Limited Issue Online Access Account (Issue 2)

    1.05% Gross p.a./AER (variable)

    The maximum amount you can invest is £250,000 (£500,000 for joint accounts).

    • Interest paid: On maturity 31 May 2018
    • Minimum operating balance: £1,000
    • Maximum balance: £250,000 (£500,000 for Joint Accounts).
    • Withdrawals: unlimited subject to the minimum balance of £1,000 being maintained.

    The account may be closed to further deposits upon a minimum of 30 days’ written notice.

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  • E-ISA (Issue 3)

    Interest rate:

    0.75% Tax-free§ p.a./AER (variable)

    • Interest paid: annually on 30 Sep (commencing 30 Sep 2017).
    • Minimum operating balance: £1
    • Maximum balance: The maximum you can invest in the 2017/18 tax year is £20,000 (less any amount invested in a Stocks and Shares ISA and/or an Innovative Finance ISA and/or Lifetime ISA in the same tax year).
    • Withdrawals: unlimited withdrawals can be made to your Nominated Accounts (as defined in the Online Conditions) subject to the minimum balance of £1 being maintained. Cash and cheque transactions are not permitted.
    • Further deposits: may be made up to the applicable cash ISA investment limit in any tax year and you may transfer in previous years' investments whilst the product remains open

    The account may be closed for further investment upon a minimum of 30 days written notice after which you will not be able to invest further funds.

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Important information about our online facilities

  • Withdrawals to your Nominated Accounts made before 8pm on a working day will be available to the payee on the next working day.
  • When money is paid into your account, provided the payment is received by us between 7am and 7pm, you will be able to withdraw the funds that day.
  • These are online accounts and can only be opened and operated online.
  • The Society’s online savings service will be unavailable each day for 1 hour between 12 midnight and 1am while our systems update.