Product transfer service

If your client's current Leeds Building Society mortgage product is coming to end and they are looking to change to a new product with us, it’s now quick and easy to transfer using our product transfer service.

This service is available for all like for like product transfers. Apply online now in a few easy steps.

Benefits for you and your client

    • Simple and straightforward process
    • No conveyancing or legal fees
    • No valuation fees
    • No need to complete an application form as we already know your client
    • Quick turnaround times - offer sent out within 7 days
    • We will pay 0.20% procurement fee
    • No further income or affordability assessments
    • Products available for all existing customers

You can use this service online if your client

          • Has an existing mortgage product with us
          • Doesn't need to make any other changes to their mortgage, such as borrowing more, changing term or repayment method, adding or removing borrowers or making a capital payment
          • Doesn't have more than 1 part on their mortgage
          • Doesn't have a Shared Equity mortgage
          • Is up to date with their mortgage payments
          • Pays their mortgage by direct debit

However, if your client has more than one part on their mortgage or has a Shared Equity mortgage or doesn't pay by direct debit you can still request a product transfer by calling us on 03450 50 50 64.

How to request a product transfer?

You can request an offer to change to a new product for your client online.

Step 1

Your details

Step 2

Client's current mortgage details

Step 3

Select new mortgage

Step 4

Review and submit

Things you'll need


  • Customer number (Login ID)
  • Lender partner
  • Mortgage advice fee details (if any)

Your client's

  • Existing mortgage account number
  • Postcode of the mortgaged property
  • Last 4 digits of the bank account from which the mortgage is paid

Please note:

Leeds Building Society only accepts mortgage applications from intermediaries where they are providing an advised sales service, with the exception of Buy to Let & Holiday Let applications. It is the responsibility of the intermediary to ensure that all applicable law including, without limitation, the Financial Conduct Authority rules on advised mortgage sales are complied with including, without limitation, the provision of adequate explanations.